Low voltage switchgear

Low voltage switchgear
  One coil mechanism is applied.
  Transfer indicator is fitted to indicate the transfer status.

If the ATS is installed with the ACB in switchgear, Busbars can be easily arranged.


Fixed type and Drawout type are available for customer's convenient applicaion.

  If malfunction occurs, drawout type of ATS can be changed within 5 minutes.
  By spring transfer mechanism, ATS can be completely and perfectly transferred. There will be NO unattached position in any case.
  Sufficient current carrying contacts are designed to withstand against over current.
  Opening and closing impact is minimized.

Quick Downloads

ATS Controller Manual : ACD-A l ACD-S l ACD-NA l ACD-NS l ACD-III l CTTS-801
ATS Catalogue : ATS-1610

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